Creative bots for innovative businesses

Grow a record label. Automate repetitive questions. Build a fan mailing list. Take custom cake orders. Whatever the problem; let a bot help automate your business.

Automate and innovate.

Chatbots are designed to wow your audience and make your life easier. The automated possibilities are endless. Use chatbots directly on your website or inside Facebook messenger. Automate your lead generation, build an audience, or simply deliver your new music to fans via Facebook Messenger.

Intuitive bot flow design that will turn a lead into a customer.

Deliver automated messages and sequences over Facebook Messenger.

Facebook chatbot messages can achieve 83.4% open rates and have an average click-through rate of 28.3%. Using chatbots can skyrocket conversions, sales and lead generation.

Email is incredible but doesn't compare to Facebook messenger open rates. The average open rate for email is 22.87% with a click-through rate of 3.26%. Use a chatbot along with email to really drive new business.

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