Patrol The Skies

Intergalactic Record Label Growth.

The brief and goal.

Patrol The Skies Music is an Electronic Music Label that caters to the underground sounds of Drum & Bass. Label boss, Al Seen contacted Weighted requesting to know how a Facebook Messenger bot could grow the label’s mailing list as well as to engage fans on their Facebook page.

Al wanted a Messenger bot to handle the inbox, which could navigate fans through a flow to an end goal. We set two primary goals for the Messenger bot; subscribe to a mailing list and to buy Patrol The Skies music. In the music industry, these goals are significant. Building an email list is paramount and then to selling music to those who join the mailing list.

Flow design, scripts and simplicity.

Keeping the design simple is very important. If the design and flow are complicated, the likelihood of poor conversion will increase. Remember, Patrol The Skies want to build a list and sell music. Keeping the design simple with minimal steps will keep engagement high and improve the overall conversion rate.

Patrol The Skies Music Flow Design

Growing a mailing list using Facebook posts and bot triggers.

Patrol The Skies’ bot is now set up to monitor specified Facebook posts.

These type of posts are written for maximum engagement and comments. Looking at the embedded Facebook post, the bot is answering fan comments and delivering a message to their inbox asking them to subscribe to their mailing list to receive exclusive news.

Apart from the initial set up, the bot is entirely automated and instructed to grow a mailing list.

Messenger open rate of 79.16% !

From the single Facebook post embedded above, Patrol The Skies reached 579 people. Twenty-four people commented, which is a 4.14% conversion rate. The bot delivered an inbox message to each of those people. Nineteen of those people opened the Facebook message, which is a 79.16% open rate! 17 out of the 19 fans who opened the bot’s message gave their email address, which is 70.83% conversion rate.

Overall, from the initial Facebook reach to a fan handing over their email address comes in at a 2.93% conversion rate.

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